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Need to spark creative thinking and build flawless execution skills to get to market faster? Our Whole Brain® Thinking solutions are trusted by the world’s most admired companies.

Increase Productivity and Engagement

We combine research, technology, and a proven methodology to help you build a business system that empowers you to tap into your team’s full thinking potential. This links directly to engagement, productivity, and your bottom line.

Lead Change Management Initiatives

Do you have the capacity to deal with today’s complexities? Our thinking-based approach towards change management helps you to build mental agility and diversity within your organization.

What is Whole Brain® Thinking?

A proven system to understand and transform your thinking.

Whole Brain® Thinking allows you to harness your teams’ thinking diversity for better results. It is the foundation for the highly validated Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), which measures thinking preferences of individuals, teams, and organizations.

We are designed to be whole, but our brains have developed favoring certain types of thinking and learning over others, and those preferences have consequences. The good news is that because we are designed to be whole, we have the ability to think in a whole brain way, even though we have a tendency to default to our preferences. Therein lies the key to competitive advantage – the individual or organization that develops the ability to create and communicate in new ways, without limits.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Improved communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Elevated performance and employee engagement.
  • Increased thinking agility and diversity within your organization.

Think Your Way to Better Business Results

Our flexible solutions provide an elegant and actionable framework enable you to unleash your thinking potential. We ensure real-world applications to tackle the most complex business challenges.

What Makes Us Different

Easy to Understand + Retain

The HBDI® thinking assessment is easy to learn and retain. It’s elegant simplicity means that you finally get an employee assessment that has a lasting impact on your Thinkers. There are no complicated acronyms or confusing personality profiles.

Validation + Research

We combine a valid, reliable measure of human mental preferences with over 30 years of research into how people think. You can rest assured that the thinking preferences of your people link to job success.

Experience + Expertise

With over 2 million Thinkers globally, our solutions are used by 97% of Fortune 100 companies. We also have 16 offices worldwide and the HBDI® is available in 20+ languages so you can align your culture.


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