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Diverse Thinking Encourages Innovation

Encouraging thought diversity leads to meaningful business results. In fact, the most inclusive companies have higher cash flow, are more prepared for change, and are more likely to be leaders in their market.

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How CIOs Think: 4 Strategies for Enabling BYOD Innovation

Anne Herrmann-Nehdi discusses the BYOD culture and how CIOs can shift their thinking to become strategic enablers.

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9 Bizarre but Brilliant Ways that Top Entrepreneurs have Hacked the Daily Shower

Anne Herrmann-Nehdi shares tips on a foolproof way to unhinge a mental block.

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Weight Loss is All in Your Head

CNN storyA story of how the way we process information, solve problems, and relate to others affect weight loss.

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Turning Brainpower into Business Results

business-news-daily-logoThe practical applications of thinking to help businesses achieve desired results.

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Whole Brain Thinking: Ignore It at Your Peril

ATD-logoNew learning about learning that explores the link between Whole Brain® Thinking to everything we do.

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BRAIN POWER: Motivating your employees to learn is easier when you understand how their brains work.

training-mag-logoAnn Herrmann-Nehdi shares ways to deliver training that optimizes the employees’ brain functions.

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What is the Function of the Various Brainwaves?

Scientific American ArticleFrom deep dreamless sleep to high arousal, Ned Herrmann explains the use of the four types of brainwave states.

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Why Do We fight? Blame It on Our Brains.

wall-street-journalUnderstanding the four quadrants provides insight into what we can do about resolving conflict.

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Pour on People Skills for Top Performance, Team Respect

ibd-logoWhat business leaders can learn from team impact and examples with NCAA basketball teams.

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Learning Styles: Threat or Opportunity?

clo-logoLearning lessons from IBM that answers why some learning programs succeed while others fail.

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