Overcoming the Frustrations of Collaboration

3 Tips for Overcoming the Frustrations of Collaboration

I recently worked with the board of a not for profit organisation, servicing the health sector. The board was made up of 9 volunteers, all successful business people in their right. And each one of them had strong and different opinions on every topic on the agenda.

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One Thing to Know About Your Brain That Will Change Your Life | TEDxTryon

From neuro-leadership and neuro-marketing to brain games and mindfulness training, there’s a lot of talk about the brain, both in its business and personal applications.

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Thinking Agility

Thinking Agility – Developing Your Mental Muscles

Being an Agile Thinker is just like developing any other muscle. You have to work at it.

Here is a quick, easy and Whole Brain way to develop your mental Agility.

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High-Performing Teams

High-Performing Teams and Thought Diversity

Few people enjoy conflict. Most of the time people actually try to avoid it. This is especially true when working in a team. It’s much smoother when everyone gets along and goes along. When everyone is coming at an issue from the same angle, it’s much easier to sidestep conflict.

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