Changing Mindsets for Successful Change Management

drop-today we’re operating in a business world where what’s always worked no longer applies. The environment is
more complex, more unpredictable and constantly evolving.herrmann-successful-change-management

It’s uncomfortable to change the status quo. Even if, for an organization to survive, change is inexorable and must happen, it’s still often fiercely
resisted because it can feel like a threat to the systems in place. The challenges of managing change have led to a wide variety of change management models, methods and systems. But people and organizations continue to struggle. As one recent study found, only about a quarter of all change management initiatives are successful over the long term.

We know change is hard, but surely we don’t have to settle for 25% odds. So what’s getting in the way? One critical point many overlook when undertaking a change management initiative of any size or scope is the fact that positive change requires a mindset for change. Individuals, teams, functions, organizations and entire industries can get locked into their existing mindsets. When everyone holds the same mindset it becomes self-reinforcing. No one questions it, so it becomes reality. Any other view gets blocked out and ignored.

This is why it’s so hard to overcome groupthink and change organizations from the inside. Compounding the issue is that all the facts in the world won’t necessarily change someone’s mind or behavior. Because everyone’s thinking relies on their own mental maps and mindsets, if the fact doesn’t fit the mindset, it will get rejected instantly.


Buy-in is critical for change, and that’s why change management gurus talk about the need to make sure everyone really gets it. But until you know where people are coming from in terms of their mindsets and thinking, you won’t be able to build a rationale they’ll understand, accept and support.

Change is hard, but most organizations make it harder on themselves and the people who are living through it by ignoring the importance thinking preferences play in how people communicate, listen and respond to change. If you want to get people on board with change and keep them engaged over the long haul, you have to first engage their minds in such a way as to break through the mindset barrier.

Whole Brain® Thinking provides the foundation, the language and the system to not only build the understanding and rationale for change but also tap into the cognitive diversity necessary for smart, creative change. A Whole Brain® approach to change acknowledges that different people focus attention and process information in different ways depending on how they prefer to think.

Not only will they have different concerns, they’ll have different ways of going about the change process. With Whole Brain® Thinking, you can meet people where they think to communicate the rationale in a way that resonates with them, answer their concerns more completely and make them an active part of the change process. Because with more complexity and ambiguity a part of everyday business, we need all of that thinking diversity contributing to rather than resisting change.

A Whole Brain® Approach to Change Management

A Whole Brain® change management approach also ensures no important steps are overlooked in the change process, whether it’s front-end analysis, long-term strategy, execution and timelines, or the people who will be involved and affected. Whole Brain® Change Management allows you to:

  1. Recognize how different phases of the change management process are geared toward particular mindsets
  2. Understand what different thinkers seek in change
  3. Engage all thinkers in the change management process to get buy-in as well as richer input and ideas
  4. Develop communications that speak to all of the mindsets involved

Change has become part of everyday reality for all of us. Whether you need to implement change at the enterprise level or simply need to change your own approach and perspective in light of new challenges and a continually evolving business environment, a Whole Brain® process gives you a proven, actionable way to take on change at the make-or-break starting point: thinking.

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