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ThinkAbout Creative Thinking

Uncover creative potential, generate valuable new ideas, and build the innovative mindsets to transform your organization.

ThinkAbout Creative Thinking is a group learning program, built on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking.

This program will give your employees the Whole Brain® skills, tools and techniques to contribute to your organization’s creative output, no matter what their function or role is, and get buy-in for new and different ideas.

Learning Sections

Each section is 1 hour, and designed to stand alone or as part of the full program.

  1. The Four Creative Selves
  2. The Whole Brain® Creative Process
  3. Playing with Power Tools
  4. Get Creative

Learning Objectives

  • Define what it means to be creative, from all four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model.
  • Discover the ways in which you are creative.
  • Identify ways to expand your creative thinking.

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