Get Better Thinking to Maximize Strength in Human Capital

Increase Thinking Agility to Get the Results You Need

From improving leadership development programs to raising employee engagement, Herrmann helps you to optimize your business through your most powerful tool: your people’s thinking. Our approach is based on the fact that better thinking leads to better results. Help your colleagues put their whole brain to work.

Problems We Solve

Growth + Innovation Culture

If you feel stuck or in a rut, you may have an innovation or creativity challenge on your hands. Knowing how your workforce thinks is the first step to unleashing their creativity. We help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

Leveraging Different Perspectives

Multiple perspectives are essential to better decision making, so how do you make sure you don’t miss out? We help leaders and their teams leverage multiple perspectives with a unique methodology, to make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Engaging Critical Talent

Your managers are on the front lines of dramatic shifts in the workplace. We help you improve communication and collaboration needed to retain talent.

Individual + Team Productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity, you organization’s “brain trust” is one of your most valuable resources. We give people the thinking skills to maximize productivity.

What We Develop

Thinking Diversity

We help people, teams and organizations get the full benefits of their thinking diversity to improve collaboration, problem solving, idea generation and overall performance.

Leadership Agility

We help leaders successfully adapt to rapid change, lead through the complexities of today’s chaotic environment and maintain the strategic mindset necessary for long-term organizational health.

Innovative Thinking

We develop the innovative mindsets every organization needs to operate more efficiently and outthink the competition in a complex, ever-evolving business climate.

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Industries We Serve


To stay ahead, your company needs the discretionary effort of a fully engaged employee base, but most managers simply don’t understand what motivates their people. Unleashing every employee’s commitment, passion and drive requires understanding how they think.


We work with individuals within the government to bring awareness of thinking preferences into their environment.

We help our government clients establish a common shared language to enable staff to communicate and collaborate across departments, perform with efficiency and effectiveness to power the most important work


We work with educators, administrators and students to bring awareness of thinking preferences into the education environment. We help you bridge the gap between administrators and faculty, and we help students better understand their thinking preferences, and thus find their passion.

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Professionals We Serve

Business Professionals

We work with business professionals of all levels to help connect the dots between how you think and how you perform. Whole Brain® Thinking and HBDI® were created for the business world, to help you leverage the way people think to improve any business challenge. For over 30 years, our clients have applied our solutions to improving communication, increasing collaboration, assessing and improving company culture, developing new products, training their managers, develop better succession plans, and more. Talk to us to see if Whole Brain® Thinking can help you think differently about your challenges.

Learning and Development

We work with levels of learning and development specialists to bring awareness of thinking preferences into the their environment.

Thinking preferences determine how we process information, how we interact with others, and how we like to spend our time. Gaining awareness into our own thinking preferences is the first step into making Whole Brain® decisions.

Independent Consultants

We certify coaches and consultants in Whole Brain® Thinking and using the HBDI® with their own clients.

The Whole Brain® Thinking System is easy to understand and learn, easy to adopt, and easy to apply. Our Certified Practitioners use our programs to solve their clients’ challenges

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